Sailing Bailando

Utila to Roatan

We have a harrowing experience a day or so before with all the storms. We’re lying in bed and hear a small but telltale bump and jump up. Ricardo looks out the window and is befuddled as to why he’s looking right at the hull of the boat we normally see when we tie-up to the dinghy dock… we’ve dragged anchor all the way to the dinghy dock, pretty much precisely, expertly! Oh Bailando… you always treat us so gently…

“Honey, get your bikini on,” he says and we move into action. Linda takes the helm and Ricardo runs up to the bow to bring in the anchor. Suddenly, the windlass (the anchor winch) switch won’t work. So Linda moves off the dock (we are inches from crushing it) as Ricardo pulls the anchor up by hand, bringing with it cordage, fishing line and other muck. It all ends well but we’re a little spooked and decide it’s time to head to Roatan and hopefully better holding ground.

In this post, we’re up early to get ready to leave Utila for Roatan – we’ll stop to fuel up, add potable water, do a small final visit to the market and head out when done.¬†With zero wind, we motor. Great time. We land on Roatan’s west end, called West End. Our first impressions are very good and we have an inkling that we’ll be here for a while.

The anchorage is empty, having been recently stripped of the 50-or-so mooring buoys for cruising crafts. Apparently, the new mayor had them all yanked because he’d prefer cruisers stay at his marinas, but that’s only a rumor. What’s really happening is that the cruisers are cheap and overstay their welcome, but that too is only a rumor. Whatever the clamor, we didn’t do it… we’re just happy to be here off-season, avoiding all the politics, and enjoying the place quite a bit.