Sailing Bailando

The Journey to Maine begins, via Placencia

June 2013

We leave Mango.

We’re going to Linda’s parents’ 50-year anniversary celebration in Bar Harbor, Maine, where they’ve rented a house for the occasion. We have six weeks to get there. It’s 2,400 nautical miles, about 2,750 statute miles. We’re looking forward to doing a few longer passages at sea. Actually happy to see the sea.

We wander down the Rio, staying a night at Cayo Quemado, checking-out in Livingston the next morning and arriving in Placencia after sunset.

As usual, the journey begins with a surprise; Ray-the-auto-pilot isn’t working quite right. We circle and circle 360′s per instructions and can’t manage to get it linked to the cardinal points… Well, first question the tech asks when we call is: “Has anything changed on your boat since the last time it worked, particularly near the binnacle?” So it all falls into place… the new garage shelving… that perfect spot for the guitar amp with the huge magnet in the speaker…and the binnacle on the other side of the bulkhead… whoops!

So, with that resolved, the Journey to Maine begins with beautiful weather, despite the fact that we’re leaving the perfect hurricane safe-haven, exactly as hurricane season begins. Just a minor detail. Anyway, it’s nice to drop in on Placencia, if only for a couple days, where we finalize a few things, get fresh fish and vegetables, dive the boat to clean its belly, and say “hi” to old friends.