Sailing Bailando

Seeking a Safe Haven from a Storm

We hear on the SSB radio that a pretty strong storm is on it’s way. Usually nobody stays out on the reef because it’s very exposed. Not even the researchers will be here on Tom Owens. So we decide to head down to the Sapodillas because we’ve heard there are protected anchorages there. It defies logic – these cays are even more exposed and the so-called “protection” is due to the extensive reef formations. The concept is to anchor in deep-water pools surrounded by thick coral reefs. Well, we go check it out and simply don’t feel it – too many coral heads scattered about the pools. So, after a drive-thru, we decide to head toward the Belize mainland to the west. Because we’re motoring on this distincly calm day, we can get to New haven in just a few hours. We happily settle in for a few days and let the storm pass – it’s very nice to see southern Belize again. We plan to head back out to the beauty of the reef along the Sapodillas once we’re done with this mainland haven.