Sailing Bailando

Mango Days

March-April 2013

We come home from our Lake Atitlan excursion and make a decision. We need to go to the states in May (and again in July) and have some big projects to tackle before we can move the boat. So we decide to take the pressure off and just stay here at Mango until we need to fly out. This gives us plenty of time to laze around in hammocks, read aloud to one another, soak in the pool, cook, goof-off and still conquer our outsized to-do list.

Some days we get a lot done and some we just take a picture of a beautiful meal we’re grateful to be eating. In fact, at times this starts to look like a food blog, but it’s not. It’s our journey, and as we grow we find the more we give up our expectations and unnecessary, self-imposed pressures the happier we are.

Plus, this isn’t such a bad place to be.