Sailing Bailando

Lake Atitlan – Santiago

February 2013

Santiago is the largest town on the lake. It’s a hard working place; dusty, noisy, bustling, but not annoyingly so. Many micro-businesses find their home here. The town fronts a small bay on the southern side of the lake, squeezed between the two adjacent volcanoes. On a map, Santiago looks like the most interesting setting on the lake, but the truth is that from here, the volcanoes – they being the primary contributors to the lake’s intrinsic uniqueness and beauty – don’t really have as much of a presence as they do as seen from the north. And maybe that’s why this town doesn’t rely on hospitality as a primary source of income. We walk across the whole length of this gridded city and only find two hotels, for instance. And, consequently, the one that does have a room available has it only for one night. It’s a popular place, though a bit out of town. The in-town alternative was empty, but not too inviting…