Sailing Bailando

Lake Atitlan – San Marcos

February 2013

We come to San Marcos not knowing what to expect, though we’ve heard about the many spa-like places here that integrate meditation, yoga and other transcendental endeavors and pastimes. Many take it very seriously here, in large part because the lake is believed to be one of the few places on earth where the energy field is such that everything is just so for that ever elusive sustainable connection with the ether. The venerable volcanoes, the expressive clouds, and the majesty of the lake itself sure look the part.

We come to really enjoy it here; without a doubt we luxuriate celebrating Linda’s birthday in an exquisitely crafted hotel, which of all things, it features imaginative stained glass, Linda’s specialty. All the glass is salvage, but more fascinating is that in lieu of lead cames holding the pieces together, these are fabricated using a kind of paper mache, reinforced and durable. Another feature is the integration of the natural stones and rock formations into the interior spaces, which are themselves real explorations of hand-crafted vernacular architecture. We begin our stay in the Honeymoon Suite way up at the top of the property (the only room available when we dropped in), and slowly trickle down into any available room, all the way down to the basement, where we shared our hostel-style room with a scorpion.

Oh yeah, the town is nice too.