Sailing Bailando

Lake Atitlan – More design and nature in San Marcos

February 2013

We’re having a good time exploring the town, which is quite rural in feel. There aren’t any cars, although there is a road that comes to the town center where it ends. We’d like to share more of Aaculaax, a small, exquisite hotel where we’re staying. It has about 10 rooms, ranging in price from elegant all the way to barefoot. We tried all types over two visits, starting at the top and dropping all the way to the basement. Somehow we’re taken by some of the decorative elements on the property, but also by the general sensibility. We usually shoot things just to keep an image of something we like, but here we’ll post some of those record-keeping images out of respect for these hand-crafted details. But this project doesn’t begin there; letting the native rock forms into the interior spaces is a gesture of integration, and literally the foundation in many areas of these buildings. And the gardens are lush and imaginative, as is nature itself.

We go for a hike too. But we don’t go jump in a lake.