Sailing Bailando

Journey to Maine – Wickford, RI

July 2013

The trip from East Greenwich is short, but under a light rain for the whole ride. We look forward to taking a transient municipal mooring ball – they allow one free night stay, then you have to move. We grab one and wait for the rain to stop, then hurry into town. The inner harbor is a magnificent space – as in vast – and also it’s really elegant, with boats tethered to piles like children holding hands in line. Poetic and efficient all in one.

The town proves to be equally elegant, though it doesn’t have a supermarket downtown. Unbelievable! Anyway… we come into town for the local concert only to find that they’ve moved it to the high school 5 miles away. So we go for a walk instead and enjoy the town. Big mosquitoes drive us home early. But we come back in the morning for more, and pick up a small painting for Bailando.