Sailing Bailando

Journey to Maine – West Palm Beach to Newport

June 2013

What can we say? This is the great leg of the journey; it’s 1,050 nautical miles (1,210 statute miles) and takes us six days to cross. It’s also the longest passage we’ve done so far. We hit the groove pretty quickly and entertain ourselves with food, music, projects and much more that we needn’t share here. We’ll simply add that the Gulfstream was surreal; it was like riding on the back of a traveling monster. It kept us warm and going fast for the first three days, then we hit reality when we got off the stream and into colder seas.

We decide to aim for Martha’s Vineyard, but we suffer a few setbacks underway, the most concerning is that the house bank battery charger stops charging. That puts us in a bind because the only way to keep our batteries charged now is to run the engine’s alternator. We do that a couple times but we’ve been having trouble starting the engine, another pesky little problem. But, by far the most disappointing surprise is that the new fridge starts to defrost. We have tons of food in there; we don’t want to lose it. In any event, given the circumstances, the best place for a landfall is obvious: Newport, RI, the sailing capital of New England.