Sailing Bailando

Guatemala City and the Bus Ride to Rio Dulce

February 2013

We’ve been here to the city more than a few times now, each adding a little something. This time, we didn’t have a reservation at Residencias Las Torres, our stand-by hotel in the city. It’s cheap, yet in “la Zona 10″, the “safest” part of town. And it’s near the airport. That’s one reason it feels different to be here this time – we’re not going to or coming from the airport. And secondly, we made the best of our windowless room, dancing to the laptop. Thirdly, we have a passeggiata and entertain ourselves making puppets with the street lights. And lastly, we take a different Litegua bus to Rio Dulce. This one makes a few more stops, has no air conditioning, no movies, and as such, it has opening windows… Perfect! We finally have a chance to photograph some of the landscapes and details we’ve been seeing every time we take this six-hour ride. And best of all is that we’re traveling practically empty for much of the time, so we run around like kids, shooting out the windows, misbehaving.