Sailing Bailando

Goodbye Fronteras – We go to town for the last time

May 2013

We set June 1st as d-day to depart Mango, and we’re just about there. Ironically, June 1st is the start of the hurricane season, exactly when one would want to be coming to the Rio for protection. Oh well, so it goes. On this last visit to town, we finally take the walk up onto the bridge where we get spectacular views of the Rio. We also enjoy the bridge as it is commonly used by locals; beside it serving as the major regional artery, it also works as the town’s main plaza. With a perch like this, residents make the trip up just to hang out and meet up with friends and family.

While in town, we finish provisioning and say goodbye to the many people we’ve come to rely on for many-a-stuff. Fronteras; an urban strip that appears at first sight to lack all connection to the modern world, is ultimately, as the singular crossroads in the area, a plentiful town that hides an infinite amount of amenities and products that only time allows a visitor to uncover. And we have spent a considerable amount of time here, so in a way, we’re leaving a familiar place that maybe we can even call our home town.