Sailing Bailando

Final Preparations – We’re sailing to Maine

May 2013

When we return from Ricardo’s daughter’s college graduation in Ohio, the last thing we want to do is hop on another plane to go to Linda’s parents’ 50-year anniversary in 8 weeks. They decided to hold the family reunion in Bar Harbor, Maine, so our options are a bit broader than the graduation in Ohio offered us. Maine? Well, Ricardo sailed there as a teenager and always thought he’d go back at some point. The decision comes almost automatically, and so we get ready in earnest to get moving. We decide it’ll take us 6 weeks to comfortably make the 2,400 nautical mile journey – that’s about 2,750 statute miles. We’re interested in doing longer passages at sea, so our plan is to go pretty much straight to Florida, followed by a long run up to New England from there. More on that later; for now, we’re tying up loose ends here in preparation for our  - “Journey to Maine”

But our final days in Guatemala are not all boat work. Linda starts a new knitting project: a lap blanket for her parents. She’s using gold bamboo yarn and knitting a really nice pattern that features candle flames. Her thinking is clear: gold commemorates the 50-year achievement and the flames symbolize the love that keeps the relationship healthy. So, with Linda tied up solidly on that endeavor, Ricardo takes up whittling, a pastime he soon discovers is a new passion.