Sailing Bailando

Cedar Keys

About as sleepy as it gets, this town keeps us for about a week. No kidding, just our pace. John and Sabrina suggested that we stop here. We study clouds and weather first-hand. We enjoy a mega lightning storm that hits us pretty much directly, charging our batteries for the whole year and washing our boat for about five. Wow, lightning’s the loudest thing we’ve ever heard, including Deep Purple. It’s so small a town that we’re offered to borrow cars twice. We take up one of these because we actually need to get our propane tanks filled. If only the storm took care of these for us too. There are a number of keys all around us, hence the name. It’s a shallow entry channel and we just barely sneak in and out on high tide. Luckily, we’ve already skimmed about an inch off the bottom so that helps in times like these.