Sailing Bailando

2014… Happy New Year


We hope 2014 brings us all what we each hope for… and maybe a few happy surprises as well.

Unfortunately, we made a mistake: we updated our blog software, and in so doing we’ve lost what we feel is the funnest part of writing a blog, humor. That’s right… the updated software deleted all of our captions under each photo, essentially the stuff we enjoyed doing most. Yep, we were blown away when we realized that our storytelling vanished and dismayed by the fact that we can’t revert to the old software or fix the problem with some kind of work-around. Nothing; we tried. Who was to know that deleting all captions would make for a better world…

Oh well… we had many segments ready to upload – our Journey to Maine from Guatemala, and onward to the Bay of Fundy in Canada, and back through New England down to Oriental, North Carolina, where Bailando sits right now. Maybe we’ll find another way to keep the humor in our updates, but for now we’ll focus on the New Year. We’re looking forward to the Bahamas.

In the photo, we’re in New York Harbor, freezing, on our way south; the following two nights at sea were the coldest we suffered during all of our Journey to Maine and side-trip to the Bay of Fundy.

We even had to make clothes for ourselves; Linda knit the hats.