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Real Time Update (or almost) – Bay of Fundy

Bailando (aground) in the Bay of Fundy, 6 am.


September 2013

Well, just in case anyone’s been wondering, we thought we’d post a quick update with our whereabouts…

Back in early June, we left Guatemala to come to Maine for Linda’s parents’ 50th anniversary; they planned a family get-together in Bar Harbor. Needless to say, we made it, and in only five weeks, thanks to making some nice and long crossings, sailing along the Gulfstream, at times cruising at nearly 12 knots! And yes, we’re still here… currently in Camden, Maine.

We’ve also had the pleasure to visit the Bay of Fundy, Canada, home of the largest tides in the world. We were drawn to this natural phenomenon, and yes, we saw them alright! The photo illustrates how we woke up one morning in St. John, New Brunswick.

Hopefully we’ll get around to sorting through photos soon so we can offer a bit more on this wild and crazy Journey to Maine, and beyond! But for now, we’re working our way back south on what we’re calling our USA East Coast tour.