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Onto Southeast Turneffe

After the rigorous week focused on repairs and provisioning in the big city, we decide to head out to one of three desolate Belizean atolls – Turneffe; the other two are Glover’s Reef and Lighthouse.¬†Atolls are rare in this hemisphere. Together with the Mexican Cayos Chinchorro, these atolls sit outside the barrier reef that runs along the Yucatan coastline. We stop along the way and continue to putz around the boat, happy to be back out in the cays. But when we get to Turneffe, we’re blown away by its (nearly) pristine beauty.

Belize City – Repairs and Provisioning

Well, the time comes for us to take ourselves out of all the fun and games and once again roll up our sleeves to get some serious work done. Call it spring cleaning. But the truth is that we have a few major problems to attend to, principally a leak in our rudder post. Remarkably, during our week at Cucumber Marina – our second visit here, this one designed specifically to get in shape – we get everything on our list done. We’re elated with our progress and our good fortune – some of the items could have set us back quite a bit, both in time and money. Even though we know deep down that we must have been working off of an abridged list, and that all it takes is time to fill it back up again, we still feel the tremendous pleasure that comes with a good spring cleaning.

Cay Caulker, San Pedro and Chetumal

We’ve been in Belize a month so we need to get our immigration status renewed in San Pedro, Ambergris Cay. It’s a bustling town with lots of golf carts. We also celebrate Linda’s birthday and Valentine’s Day in this segment. And we go on a wild goose chase for better refrigerator gaskets in Chetumal, Mexico. Not a glamorous excursion, but we do it. Oh, and we build another sandcastle.

Cay Caulker, Belize

Cay Caulker… pretty touristy, and yet we get used to it, mostly out of convenience. The anchorage is a good one per se, but also because it is near San Pedro on Ambergris Cay; without a doubt, that’s the best place to get immigration and customs paperwork done. Here are some of our first impressions.

Oh yeah, and we get certified for open water scuba.