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Panoramas – Claire and Rich’s Visit (Part III)

After Claire and Rich leave us all alone again, Rich sends us a few more memories of their visit. His photo-editing touch makes these views worth sharing.

Onto Belize City – Clair and Rich’s Visit (Part II)

Our search for THE quintessential island continues. Although we find a few nice spots – and savor the tropical seas in more ways than swallowing water from the snorkel – Claire and Rich’s visit culminates when we see dolphins playing alongside the bow of the boat.

Thanks for visiting; we hope you enjoyed exploring Belize as much as we did. And, when we find THAT island, you’ll be the first to know…

South Belize Cays – Clair and Rich’s Visit (Part I)

We have our first stay-aboard visitors, Clair and Rich. Together we set out to find the quintessential island paradise… but it proves to be a little more elusive than we originally thought.

A Surprise Guest

Just as we are about to head-out to meet our first official guests, we notice an unofficial visitor aboard.



Our first town in Belize turns out to be a village, and a great one at that. We have so much fun, we often don’t even think to get out the camera. So, unfortunately, we don’t have photos of many of the wonderful people we meet (Lisa from Lisa’s Place, Nichelle and her boys, Kyle and more) or places we enjoy. But what can we say? Some places just sweep you up and you happily enjoy the ride.

We Head to Belize

With the wind on our nose, we motor to Belize, just four hours away. It’s a gorgeous day. We anchor for the night and in the morning we maneuver the “check-in” maze.

We Leave the Rio Dulce

After being here for five months, we prepare to leave Rio Dulce. We enjoy Guatemala very much. We’re a little sad that we can’t just buy a shack and stay; but only a little sad.

Guatemala Final Days

As we prepare to leave Guatemala, we go into Fronteras for the last time, okay, last three times.

It’s amazing; when we arrived here five months ago it seemed like there was nothing to eat in this little town, and now, we’re going to miss the abundance this place offers.