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We make it official – Naming ceremony and celebration

Maiden Voyages – A second trip to Lydia Ann

After our first sail we discover water spewing from the generator. Jeff, our friend and faithful mechanic, finds not one, but two, soggy hoses and replaces them.

All fixed-up we head out to Lydia Ann Channel once again to anchor out. Here are some nice sailing shots. You’ll also see Tom and Paula; they lived and cruised on this boat for 13 years before selling her to us.

Maiden Voyages – Our first sail with our new sails

We said we wanted to slow our lives way down as we enter this new chapter; we are now approaching glacial.

On October 14th, a month and a half after our arrival in Texas (and trips to Ohio and Europe), we finally take her out for a sail.

Our first dinghy rides

Throughout September we continue to settle in. Though we aren’t ready to sail, we do take our dinghy, Zapato, for frequent joy rides.

Moving In