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She’s a Boat alright

Ricardo and I spent a week on Bailando getting to know her… her sounds, her systems and alas, she’s a boat. Meaning, there’s always something to fix, something to refurbish, or something to tend.

We had a survey done before the sale by an excellent and quite discerning local surveyor, the fearsome Mike Firestone. He was extremely thorough and gladly answered all of our questions throughout the two day process. Mike’s recommended a batch of things to fix and look into, in addition to the  list of upgrades we already knew we wanted to implement.

Jeff, who helped us celebrate the other day, is doing most of the work and installations on the boat for us; he has been an incredible asset, as he has been for Tom and Paula for years.

Tom came over and spent a day going through many of the boat’s systems with us, including changing filters, going from fresh to sea water in the heads, and switching from shore power to inverter to generator.  We have been so appreciative of the time and knowledge that both he and Paula have shared with us.

The cold and stormy weather continued. We had Trent from Banks Sails come measure the boat for new sails which proved to be a little tricky with the high winds. But between the three of us it went as well as it could have.

We are now back in L.A.  It’s cold and rainy.

First Day Sailing

The 30-degree weather and bitterly cold winds finally subsided and we took her out for a trial run in the Intercoastal Waterway.

Everything went pretty well, though while trying to get out of an oil tanker’s path we did run aground briefly . Whoops!

Today, we bought a sailboat

“I want to sail the world.”

This is what Ricardo told me over lunch at the kitchen table a few months ago. A couple days earlier, he’d been stuck in the kind of loop we all get caught in from time to time, lamenting things. ”What would you like to do?” I asked him.

I got my answer.

So… we are in Texas this evening, sitting alone on the former “Miss P” after a day-long celebration with Tom and Paula, her previous owners, and their long-time mechanic (and good friend) Jeff and his partner Mindy.

It’s the end of an era for Miss P, and the beginning of another for Bailando.

And so our story has begun…